Fun cheese tastings taught in English by certified cheesemongers

Simply the best cheese tasting in town!

Our tasting includes:

  • 2-hours with an English-speaking certified and passionate cheese monger
  • 6 farmstead French cheeses
  • carefully and beautifully paired with 3 wines
  • 2 different types of bread, award-winning jams, honeys, candied pepper, coffee jellies...
  • A cheese tasting book

Become a certified Cheese Geek in a fun, informative two-hour session to discover the wonderful world of French cheeses.

We’ll start with a handful of explorative exercises using our five senses to get to know each other around our wooden, farm table. Then, we’ll take you on a Tour de France through the best of cheese-producing regions, tasting six artisanal cheeses paired with an eclectic collection of beverages from wine, cider, beer, juice, to port along with delicious condiments: jams and jellies, honey and even candied peppers.

You'll learn a lot with our experts: from the making of cheese to how they are aged, stored and enjoyed as well as how to cut, serve and buy France's favorite food group. You'll also receive your own Cheese Geek Tasting Book with notes, and fun facts.

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Fabrice and his cheesemonger friends are here to offer you the best cheese and beverage tasting in Paris!

How do we do it? Our secret is:

A choice selection

Cheese geek offers tastings of cheese and wine in the center of Paris

Artisanal cheeses are paired
with unique beverages
(wine, beer, cider, liquors, juices...)

A small group

Cheese Geek offers cheese and wine tasting in small groups of 10 people

Ten fellas maximum
to make sure we're having fun
all together

With a Cheese Geek

Fabrice Gepner vous accueille au Cheese Geek pour une dégustation de fromage à Paris

A certified cheesemonger
that knows his stuff and will show
you that cheese is funny!


There is cheese, and other stuff!

A tasting costs 70€ per adult and 60€ per child, people say it's definitely worth the price. Take a look at all what you'll get!

Enjoy Cheese Geek cheeses at a tasting of cheese and exceptional wine

The best way to learn is by having fun, right?

During this cheese tasting, you will learn the origins and evolution of cheese until today


We're damn proud that more than 95% of our guests gave us a 5-stars review. Still aiming at 100% though!

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Amanda on TripAdvisor

Favorite Experience in Paris!

Our cheese tasting with Le Cheese Geek was one of our favorite experiences in Paris! We loved Fabrice, tasted MIND-BLOWING cheeses, and washed it down with plenty of wine and beer. Super fun experience for professional foodies or just cheese-loving beginners!

Wander on TripAdvisor

Awesome! Let Cheese Geek!!

We were with Ashley and she was FABULOUS. Cheese nerd but stand up comic. Her punchlines just kept coming non-stop. The table was set up beautifully. The cheese cave was nothing like I imagined. So cool. We played games and then started our 6 cheeses with red wine, white wine, beer, cider, port wine, and one other I can’t remember! We had cheese that ranged from milder and creamy to sharper and dryer and some very aggressive tastes too! The Camembert and Roquefort were my favorite. To accompany there wet mini sausages, three types of bread, and a fruit platter! I can’t say enough about this experience and Ashley. Don’t miss it! I don’t want to post pics because it will ruin the awe!

Amy on Tripadvisor

A Highlight of A Fabulous Trip

We were four women in France for a birthday trip. We absolutely loved our Le Cheese Geek experience. Ashley was bright, charming, and knowledgeable. And the CHEESE -- unbelievable. The tasting was of 6 cheeses over the course of about 2 hours in the basement of a cheese shop. Cheeses were paired with wine, beer and other drinks, and served with bread. Ashley told us about the cheese industry and each of the cheeses we tasted. Truly a don't-miss experience in Paris.

Axel on Tripadvisor

Awesome cheese tasting

Awesome cheese tasting We had an AWESOME time with my girlfriend! This was THE highlight of our trip in Paris! We’re used to get cheese in SF but nothing tasted like the cheeses we got! Fabrice was super entertaining, welcoming and funny! 100% recommended for all cheese lovers in Paris and people who want to spend a friendly time and want to get the best cheeses and wines

Pictures taken by our young cheese padawans


cheese tasting in Paris with the cheese Geek

A perfect location to taste cheese in Paris

We're happy to welcome you in our partner's cheese shop.
The location is perfectly tailored to make sure you will be immersed in a world of cheese and will enjoy your tasting at its best. A giant black board, maps, magazines and books...about cheese of course! The cheeses you're tasting are quietly maturing in our cave below the shop! As cheese geeks, you will have the possibility to purchase all the cheeses, wines and delicatessen you've tried during your tasting in our micro cheese shop.

To learn cheese tasting rules

During our two hours together, you will learn the basics of cheese tasting :

  • the three steps for a professional cheese tasting (visual, olfactory and gustatory) through mini game and group workshops;

  • rules and tricks to understand how to pair your cheese with wine and other beverages such as beer, cider, juices or liquors;

  • ideas to choose your bread to accompany the cheese;

For two hours you can learn the rules of cheese tasting in Paris

And taste great cheeses while travelling through France

You will, of course, taste some great French cheese, from the classics (Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, Saint-Nectaire, Comté, Camembert de Normandie, Munster, Roquefort, …) to less famous cheeses, made by small-scale producers.

The cheese selection changes every time according to seasons, supplies and agings.

Each cheese will be carefully paired with a unique beverage(wines but also beer, cider, juices, port wine, and some surprises!), to give you a good idea of all the pairing possibilities cheese has to offer.

During the tasting, we will also use a map of France to discover the main cheese making regions : goat cheese in the Loire Valley , hard cheeses from Jura and Savoie mountains, sheep’s milk cheeses from Occitanie, and the Auvergne, a cheese plate itself!.

We will take time to discussevery cheese: anecdotes about its origins, its making, stories of the producer. Then we will taste it together and go through the tasting: describe its texture, its taste, and aromatic profile, too.

Each guest will have its little “Le Cheese Geek Tasting Book” to keep track of all the cheese he’s tasting.

See you very soon for a pretty cheesy adventure !

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