About Le Cheese Geek

We give tastings because we love to share our passion for artisanal cheeses

Le Cheese Geek

Fabrice became frustrated working in cheese shops because he couldn’t take as much time as he wanted to talk to his customers about cheese. He started organizing tastings at the cheese shop during his lunch breaks, but in the end decided to leave his job to found his company, Le Cheese Geek, getting his own tasting room and hiring talented cheesemongers to give classes.

Le Cheese Geek’s mission is to educate people about food and raise awareness about its related environmental concerns.

Our team

Pierre (aka Cheesus)

Before, Pierre worked behind a computer, but he realized quickly that he enjoyed working with his hands and get actual smiles from people.
He decided to start a new career as a cheese monger! He worked for 4 years in one of the best cheese shops in town called Fromagerie Quatrehomme where he ended up manager of the shop! Last year Pierre decided to expand his knowledge in wine and obtained the famous WSET Level 3 and became…a sommelier! Now, in between his trips around France to meet cheese and wine producers, he enjoys sharing his passion and giving great tasting experiences to cheese lovers like you!

Ashley (aka Queen Cheese)

After her studies in sciences, Ashley decided overnight to discover the wonderful world of cheese. Born and raised in NYC, she got her start in the caves at Murray's Cheese, the premier cheese shop in the United States. After spending a couple of years working as a cheesemaker and monger in North Carolina, she moved to Europe to discover new cheeses. She has traveled all over Europe working with great cheese producers before settling in Paris to pursue her cheesy dream.

Fabrice (aka Curly cheese)

Fabrice couldn’t find his perfect job after his business studies. Curious and willing to get some fresh air, he decided during the summer 2014 to work on a goat cheese farm in central France. This experience changed his life - he decided to join a cheese monger school in Paris. He worked in several Parisian cheese shops and specialized in affinage in Laurent Dubois’ caves, the best in town! Not to turn into a weird cave man, he started giving cheese tastings to friends and visitors for him to share his passion for cheese while meeting cheese addicts from all over the world.

Catherine (aka Cheese Cat)

When Catherine was 20, she had this wonderful experience of "goats keeping" in Ardèche, a dry and charming region. There goats are the kings and queens; happy with the very tasty food they find in the bushes, she stayed there 1 year and a half: taking care of the goats, milking them by hand and making cheese. The cheese she made was so tasty that she was very successful in selling them on the village's markets. Then she did a few different jobs, and about 6 years ago she decided to quit her job of manager in a pharmaceutical company and do what she really loved: become a cheese monger. She started a cheese training for a year and was delighted. She is now working in the lovely "Fromagerie des Buttes Chaumont" and is really happy to share her passion with you!

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