Cheese Tastings for students in Paris

Make French cheese discover the students of your school or university in Paris

A study trip to Cheese Land!

You’re getting to Paris with a group of students and you’re looking for a fun and educational activity? We’ll be pleased to welcome you on a Tour de Fromage! We created a special tasting for your students with interactive workshops: they’ll draw cheeses, smell them, share their impressions, have fun and learn a lot about French culture. For your beloved under-aged students, we are offering non-alcoholic pairings, every cheese will be paired with juices.
Here is an example of pairings we made for 20 students:

  • Saint-Maure de Touraine goat cheese with a strawberry juice
  • Saint-Nectaire and a cranberry juice
  • Comté with a pineapple juice
  • Camembert de Normandie with an apple juice
  • Munster with a funky lychee juice
  • Fourme d’Ambert with a banana juice

Cool, huh ?

Their students tasted some cheese with Le Cheese Geek :

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Students discover the secrets of cheese through small interactive workshops in Paris with Cheese Geek

For small groups

Here a dozen of American students are discoveries the secrets of cheese through interactive workshops : drawings, olfactory games, discovery of tastes and aromas.
If thery are under-aged, will provide them with great juices !

Here is a buffet for ESCP Europe students

We’re selecting the best artisanal cheeses and organic wines. As for the buffet, we’re designing very simple and sober presentations and favor secondary raw materials. We also provide you with great artisanal jams and fresh fruits !

Overview of the ESCP cheese buffet in Paris by Cheese Geek
Cheese tasting combined with exceptional wines in Paris

A couple glasses of wine is not harmful

We are working with winemakers to select our wine and get your perfect pairings. We are a bit biased, we particularly enjoy dry mineral white wines with nice viscosities, and naturals red wines with fresh fruits aromas.

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