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Le Tour de fromage

07 Nov 2019

Better than Le Tour de France, le Tour de Fromage :) Let's discover French cheese regions one cheese at a time. Have a nice trip!
Ossay-Iraty from the Pyrenees
This pressed and uncooked-rind sheep'...

Fromagerie Marie Anne Cantin: the most authentic cheese shop in Paris!

18 Oct 2019

Disclaimer: we are trying our best to translate into English, but it probably won’t be perfect! If there are any bilingual cheese geeks that want to give us a hand in translating, please reach us ...

"Experiences" abound in France (Challenge, Dec 18)

07 Dec 2018

The culinary workshops are also very successful if you speak English and ... if you serve a glass of wine. Fabrice Gepner, 29, organizes cheese tastings in the cellar of an affineur in the Marais....

Cheesegiving Party

19 Nov 2018

We are a French and American duo that conducts cheese and wine tastings with Le Cheese Geek (, bringing you the best fromage that France has to offer.  We already made 1,000+ ...

Éthanol & Moisissures

25 Jul 2018

Episod 1 : Whisky

Tasting in French
5 Exceptional Whiskies x 5 Artisanal Cheeses

Fabrice, cheesemonger aka Le Cheese Geek
Brian, distiller, brewer and oenologist
To share their passion

Fabrice makes a cheesy living (dossier "have fun in your job")

11 Apr 2018

"At Laurent Dubois, elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France, where he works part-time in refining, in the cellar, the job is physical:" you have to wash the bins, carry heavy loads and restart at the b...

Fabrice, jury chairman for Charolais PDO medals

08 Mar 2018
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Taka & Vermo Cheese Shop : the most vivid cheese shop in Paris

Le Tour de fromage

Fromagerie Marie Anne Cantin: the most authentic cheese shop in Paris!


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