Fabrice makes a cheesy living (dossier "have fun in your job")

11 Apr 2018 Le Cheese Geek In the news

"At Laurent Dubois, elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France, where he works part-time in refining, in the cellar, the job is physical:" you have to wash the bins, carry heavy loads and restart at the bottom of the ladder. But it doesn’t matter! Fabrice loves more than anything the"carnal contact with products". The other half of his time, he dedicates it to tastings at the cheeseshop Saisons, in Paris 4th, and write in the blog www.lecheesegeek.fr. So much the better if his promo buddies have fun in consulting agencies. He found another way: his.
His secret: "Make your choices freely. By being told that we are this or that, we risk losing ourselves. "

Three years after obtaining the prestigious diploma of ESCP Europe, Fabrice Gepner started from scratch as a cheesemonger! "This is the first time I make a choice that belongs to me totally," says this brilliant young man. In technologies or venture capital, he was struggling to flourish, to the point of going to work backwards. It is during a stay in a goat farm, through WWOOF, an organization that offers dives on the farm, that everything becomes clear. Two years later, he left his job as commercial director of a corporate video firm and started a cheesemonger training at Ifopca Paris. "I didn’t know everything about of cheese but I immediately loved this world of passionate craftsmen met in Savoie or Auvergne, as well as the customer contact in the shop. 

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